The Present

I read a quote today that I liked very much.

…..You would anticipate the future on the basis of your past experiences, and plan for it accordingly. Yet by doing so you are aligning past and future, and not allowing the miracle, which could intervene between them….

From the book “A Course In Miracles.”

So what is the miracle here? The miracle is the present moment, untainted by fears or expectations. The miracle is the gift of release. To release your past, to not project it into the future, a time which at current does not even exist. To experience the present moment for what it is and just be. Many of us do or have done this at one time or another, assumed or worried that the future will be one way based on events of the past. We are human so it is hard not to do this. However by spending time projecting fears, worries or expectations derived from past experiences into the future, you are sabotaging your gift of the present moment. Peace, healing, love, truth and the answers you are looking for exist in the present moment. Often times we do not sit still or in silence long enough to connect to these feelings of peace and love and healing as we are clouding the present moment with fear, expectation, doubt, negativity, and worry instead. If we stopped wasting the present moment worrying about not finding healing or peace in the future we could use that present moment instead to create that healing, peace and love now.

I find this quote to be an excellent reminder to put my fears and worries in check, easier said than done I’m sure. None the less a great goal to work on, just being at peace in the present moment.

Well, that is my take. What is yours?

Do you need clarification on how past events may still be affecting you now? Do you need to look at what you are still holding onto? Call for a reading so we can identify some of these issues in an effort to help you let them go!

Many Blessings, Much Love and Light,


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