What my Clients are saying about my Readings~



 As a repeat client of Carmen, and I mean REPEAT, my readings have always been dead on accurate, thorough and insightful, giving me a glimpse into what is beyond the here and now. She always goes into the “layers” of why something is happening the way it’s happening to help in understanding. Carmen is not only a phenomenal reader but she’s also SUCH a good listener and compassionate beyond words. No matter what is being said, it’s always like stepping into a warm bath. She is THE best!!!
-Rose / New Jersey
I like to categorize my life into two chapters…life before and after Carmen’s spiritual guidance! Over the last 15 years, Carmen has provided me with meaningful readings, which have helped guide my path and personal transformation. She masterfully provides insights and offers different perspectives to help guide my next steps. Because of Carmen, I’ve learned to ground myself in the midst of uncertainty and often recall the information she shared with me as my experiences are validated. Receiving a reading from Carmen is truly a magical experience and I look forward to continuing my work with her in the years to come!
-Michelle C.
Hi Carmen,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help when I was so down and confused about my recent break up. You just were so understanding and knowledgeable. You insight gave me clarity when I was so unsure. I look forward to speaking with you again. Thanks for everything.

I’m a big fan and follower of Carmen.  She has been my “life-line” whenever I have some choices coming up in my life.  Carmen has always been insightful and accurate in her readings.  She has been a big part of my important choices and has never let me down.  I would definitely recommend and trust her readings.
 -Dolores Fabian
For about 10 years now I have been getting readings from Carmen. From my first reading the connection and fulfillment she brings to each reading has never changed. She has not only been able to help with answering questions or concerns I have in my life but has also been a tremendous guide. Her gift is truly an experience to be apart of and I recommend everyone I know to speak with her.
-Melissa Crandall
Carmen is One of the most tuned in readers I have ever come across. She has verified the most complex cases and helped solve the most confusing situations I have ever had to cope with. I recommend her hundred percent of the time to those who need to hear the “right answer.” When you have a reading done by Carmen you will find that it will help you find closure, will help you find your way (if you’re lead off the beaten path) will help you Set your mind at ease. Always 100% positive and very beneficial to your life. Of all the readers I have ever known she is the most accurate. She is spot on! Carmen is extremely comfortable and has wonderful vibes!
-Jennifer Canchola
“I first met Carmen 10 years ago through a very trusted friend, and boy, was I skeptical at first! I even remember Carmen telling me on my first reading that, “It’s normal to be skeptical and that was ok.” I still have a copy of my reading on tape that I will listen to because I’m amazed at how much of it was so accurate. Readings by Carmen provided the validation and guidance on many aspects of my life, especially as it pertained to my personal space, marriage, family, and career-pretty much all aspects of my life! She’s taught me tools on how to live life that I still continue to use every day. I can’t recommend Carmen enough and I recommend her all the time to friends and family. She is honest, caring, wise beyond her years, and delivers her readings with such wit and humor that you don’t ever want to stop talking with her.  Her accuracy is solid and she will tell you if she can’t see a definitive answer. I TRUST her completely.  She is always willing to help out in times of need. Carmen is an AMAZING intuitive person, artist, and friend, and I highly recommend that you see her now, because like I always tell her…’Once Oprah finds you, you won’t be as accessible!’”
 -Muriah G.

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  1. Get a reading and she will be your favorite from then on.There is a joy and positive vibe coming from Carmen.She is a calm an accurate reader.Love love love her insight.


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